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Lifestyle Counselling

Lifestyle Counselling involves the identification of current and potential stressors and helps you to make effective choices and changes in your life.

Since 95% of all illnesses can be linked to stress, it is crucial to identify and begin to change these factors. This involves the identification of potential or probable stressors and helping you to make effective choices and changes in your life. Some examples of areas to be addressed include: sleep, work, daily activities and habits, exercise and movement, breathing, relationship with self and others, and emotions such as anger, worry and grief. Through dialogue, active listening and mindfulness practices the answers usually present themselves quite naturally.

For those requiring more active support, such as deep breathing instruction, progressive relaxation, guided meditation and visualization, and Qi Gong exercise instruction, I am well versed in these skills.

There are also many other services that help to address the underling causes of chronic stress, as well as physical support to aid in coping with various challenges as part of being human.