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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is an ancient form of medicine dating back over 2500 years, and even earlier to the 3rd century BCE.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  bases much of its treatment on the balancing of energy called Qi or Chi. There is SO MUCH that can be said on this subject, but to keep it exceptionally simple, I as and ND think of it in terms of: 1. Eliminating Pathogenic Qi and 2. Restoring Righteous Qi. I employ the basic profoundly powerful concepts with nearly all my patients. Typically, the practice of TCM includes the use of acupuncture in combination with nutrition and herbal remedies, in order to balance the flow of Qi within the individual.

As a naturopathic doctor, I often incorporate basic TCM nutrition concepts into nutrition counseling sessions as the wisdom here is profound. I also will often add acupuncture into various body work sessions based on each individual’s symptoms and desires in order to further enhance the effect of the treatment.

NOTE: Naturopathic Doctors ARE licensed to provide acupuncture, and will thus provide you with a receipt that you may submit under Naturopathic Medicine, NOT under Acupuncture.