White Pines Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Melissa Howe, RN. (in-active), ND., Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine & Advanced Bowen Practitioner, welcomes you to this informative website! Dr. Melissa is highly trained, with OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the health care profession, and is eager to HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE long lasting solutions to your health care concerns!  She helps people of all ages and stages in life with either acute, chronic or preventative health care to address the WHOLE you.

Start Feeling Better NOW!

♦ Relief of Chronic Pain 
♦ Improve Your Energy
♦ Sleep Better
♦ Improve Your Digestion
 Care For You and Your Whole Family!


Naturopathic Medicine is a multidisciplinary holistic approach to health care. It is both an art and a science, which blends centuries old safe and effective therapies that are in harmony with the planet and your body, with current advanced in science and the study of health covering all aspects of family health; from prenatal to geriatric care for the body, mind and spirit!

 "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."

- Hippocrates  


White Pines Naturopathic Clinic

Waterdown – Ontario – Canada




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