Outdoor Full Moon Drumming and Meditation around the Fire

You are invited to join us every month for our Outdoor Full Moon Meditation and Drumming Celebration. We gather at 7pm, create a fire, cleanse with sage, open the ceremony with prayer, followed by meditation, and any combination of singing, drumming, dancing, releasing and sharing in an organic way. We connect with Nature, each other and our Self. Melissa, Kathy and Darlene have created this evening to meet their needs and if you feel that it would meet yours, please feel welcome to join us. There may be anywhere between 3-21 wonderful people joining us in any given month. If the date of the Full Moon falls on a Saturday we have moved our gathering to a Friday and if it falls on a Sunday, we have moved it to Monday in order to preserve our time with our families on the weekend. 

If you would like to attend, you must RSVP. Do NOT, just show up as the nights may change from below (although rarely), and the weather must permit as this is an outdoor event only. Please emaill reception @whitepinesclinic.ca (remove space) to RSVP. Donations are appreciated.


Thursday, January 12

Friday, February 10

Monday, March 13

Tuesday, April 11

Wednesday, May 10

Friday, June 9

No Circle in July

No Circle in August

Wednesday, September 6

Thursday, October 5 - Cancelled

Friday, November 3 - Cancelled

Monday, December 4