Susan Stephens, B.Comm, RHN, Life Coach, Live Blood Analyst, Reiki, Personal Trainer. Hamilton, ON

Susan Stephens of Liberated Living offers East meets West nutrition consultations, live blood cell microscopy, herbology, intuitive counselling, deep trauma release, reiki, conscious cooking classes, as well as seminars/workshops to radiate your authentic self. 

Susan Stephens, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, specializes in overcoming addictions, trauma, negative recurrent patterns, depression and anxiety—teaching her clients to act from a place of love and not fear. Her passion is teaching the ART of INTUITIVE EATING and LIVING for those SICK and TIRED of the UPHILL BATTLE with their body, food and life. It's about mastering NON-DOING and living life in the FLOW. It's about listening to needs of your body, your cravings, your desires, and acting from that place. It's about CHOOSING from a space of peace, love & trust and realizing that everything, always gets done. The result... a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU.

For more information about Susan Stephens and her additional services, please go to: Liberated Living or call 905-523-1391

PLEASE NOTE * Dr. Melissa refers patients to Susan for Live Blood Analysis. Susan does not practice at White Pines Naturopathic Clinic, you must call her directly for any questions or appointments.