• Blood Sugar levels
  • Polysan testing (for identifying antigen-antibody reactions)
  • Urinary Indican Test which checks for bowel toxicity, proliferation of putrefactive bacteria and permeable bowel wall in a simple urine test.
  • Koenisberg Test measure the health of the adrenal glands in a simple urine test.
  • Sulkowitch Test is a urinary test that measures your calcium levels.
  • Zinc Taste Test is a simple oral taste test to check your levels of zinc.
  • Chemstrip for testing the urine for 10 factors
  • pH testing of urine and saliva are also available in-office of for home use/testing
  • Muscle Testing  (aka Total Body Modification). Muscle testing and EAV testing can both be used to check everything from organ and system health, foods and environmental sensitivities, to medications and emotions. Both of these very powerful methods of assessment are also able to provide treatment for all sensitivities and allergies.



Dynacare, Labrix are the labs used to analyze your overall health if deemed necessary. Most of the blood-work that a medical doctor can order, can also be provided by us through these labs. There are also many more in depth analyses that can be done such as testing for heavy metal toxicity in the urine and hair, and IgG food intolerance testing,Celiac disease panel test, and Comprehensive Saliva Hormone testing test to name a few.


 Waterdown – Ontario – Canada