Energy Sessions 

Energy Sessions (Lisbeth Fregonese) These sessions involves going into the depths of our emotions to release any blockages that are preventing us from living our lives to the fullest potential possible.  We always feel that we know what our issues are, but there is so much hidden behind our words that we are simply not consciously aware of. When we work with the Chakras or the energy centers of the body, we allow ourselves direct contact with our subtle bodies.  Our subtle bodies include our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Self, and this is where our real truth lies.  When we connect consciously with these Truths, this is when real transformation takes place in our lives.  We begin to feel that we are living life authentically with the absence of emotional pain, trauma, shame, guilt, and judgment. The Chakras (a wheel or a disk of energy) are integral to the energetic process. They are transformational energy centers in the body, and are the link between Universal Energy and Individual Energy. The Chakras are vital to our well-being because they are responsible for the harmony of the energies within our entire being.