Lisbeth Fregonese, Vibrational Rate Energy Practitioner, Energy Worker Intuitive, Founder of Luminous Energetic Pathways Healing Centre & The Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo. Burlington, ON

Born in Denmark in 1972, Lisbeth attended the Rudolph Steiner School of Arts which encourages practical and artisitc learning to enhance the imagination of young minds.

In 1979, Lisbeth's family moved to Canada. Her father began a business selling therapeutic devices for the treatment of pain and various physical ailments. Soon after, Lisbeth and her family recognized Lisbeth's gift of healing as she helped her father's clients. These experiences laid the foundation for what was to become Lisbeth's lifelong path of helping people both physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Dr. Meilssa Howe, ND., has been working in collaboration with Lisbeth Fregonese of Luminous Energetic Pathways for patients' improved health since 2012. Lisbeth has assisted Dr. Melissa using her incredible natural talents as well as a powerful Vibrational Rate Energy Instrument. Lisbeth is a gifted healer, a skillful vibrational rate energy practitioner, and a meditation fascilitator as well as a Black Belt in Classical Hills Martial Arts, founder of Luminous Energetic Pathways Healing Centre with her husband Edward Fregonese, mother of two, and a strong supporter of her clients as they work toward improving their health. Please see below for more information, and don't be shy about contacting her or Dr. Melissa with questions or for a free 15 minute consultation.

For more information about Lisbeth Fregonese and her additional sevices, please go to Luminous Energetic Pathways Healing Centre or call 289-828-3640