Vibrational Rate Energy with Lisbeth Fregonese, EHP

Vibrational Rate Energy (VRE) is an advanced instrument of Quantum medicine, which has the ability to measure the Energy Body (aura) of every vibration that is reflected in the human body. This instrument, allows the operator to assess the Qi /energy/vibration of each part of the Energy body (blood, lymph, organs, muscles, skin, nervous system etc.) and to detect what is energetically affecting it (organism, toxin, radiation etc.) Vibrations in the Energy body are always changing, however there are trends and patterns that can be easily identified and gauged as either above, at, or below normal frequency. Please Note:VRE does NOT read the physical body and is not meant to diagnose health issues or treat the physical body. However, since VRE assesses the energy body, and changes manifest in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body. It is a wonderful tool of prevention which as we all know, is the best medicine! Even if changes have manifested physically, it can often be difficult to determine precisely where these changes are coming from and why. Even changes in lab results only occur once illness has become significant. VRE helps us tremendously in this realm. Vibrational Rate Energy is thus used to: 1. Assess energetically the function of all your main body parts (as mentioned above).  2. Assess energetically what may be causing imbalance or disease in your body.  3. Clear imbalances energetically from your body.  4. Assess energetically what specific Naturopathic treatments may be best for you.

Lisbeth Fregonese is a second generation Vibrational Rate Energy practitioner as well as a gifted energy work practitioner. This service is offered alone, or in conjunction with Naturopathic Medicine in order to create a well balanced therapeutic plan. For more info or to make an appointment with Lisbeth call 289-828-3640 or 


How Lisbeth Fregonese and Dr. Melissa Howe, ND. work together

Lisbeth Fregonese


Dr. Melissa Howe, ND.

What They Do to Help People to Achieve Wellness:

Dr. Melissa Howe, ND., and Lisbeth Fregonese are uniting their respective practices because of the amazing results that they are finding with their clients when they do so. Together, they have a wealth of knowledge, understanding, skill, experience and wisdom of the healing arts and sciences. They understand, as you do, that in order to be healthy, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects within us must all be free of illness. Together, Melissa & Lisbeth address all of these essential parts, including one more, often overlooked, but crucial component that affects & reflects them all: Your Energy Body! Science has confirmed that there are many forms of energy that affect us, which we cannot see, and that everything in our environment is made up of energy (frequencies), including us! Science has also confirmed – and this is KEY - that energy changes before things change physically. How are these energy changes detected? Through an instrument called VRE.

VRE is thus used to:

1. Assess energetically the function of all your main body parts (as mentioned above)

2. Assess energetically what may be causing imbalance or disease in your body

3. Clear imbalances energetically from your body

4. Assess energetically what specific Naturopathic treatments are most harmonious to you

How do Vibrational Rate Energy and Naturopathic Medicine Work Together?

  • You may begin treatment with either practitioner initially. Both practitioners start with a history
  • Lisbeth, using a small lock of your hair, assesses your Energy body (% Function) in detail using VRE
  • Dr. Melissa does a full assessment, including physical examination, appropriate labs and muscle testing to make a diagnosis and identify the most appropriate treatment options.
  • Lisbeth and Dr. Melissa share their findings with each other to gain a clearer vision of what is happening in you on all levels, and which areas need the most support, and if possible identify why.
  • Dr. Melissa selects appropriate naturopathic remedies combined with Lisbeth's frequencies which are then checked either by Lisbeth using VRE via your hair, against your baseline vitality (%) to determine the ones that raise your vitality the most, or  by Dr. Melissa via muscle testing. For example, there are >20 remedies for a low functioning thyroid. The question becomes; of these remedies, which one will help YOU the BEST? There is no point in you taking one that will not help you, or may in fact harm you. This takes the guesswork out.
  • This process takes approx. 30-60 min. and the result is a great foundation of remedies that supports your whole body where you need it most vs. treatments based on symptoms, which are often born of something deeper.

An Added BONUS: VRE also provides support aka “Instrument Session” if left “on”. Once Lisbeth finds the part of the Energy body that needs attunement, the instrument can be left on/connectedfor at least 24 hours, which will provide a consistent energy addressing the vibrational energy that was out of alignment, which over a period of time stimulates the body to heal itself.

Support for Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

Another benefit of working with Dr. Melissa & Lisbeth Fregonese is the mental, emotional and spiritual support that is offered. Physical illness is often intimately related to one’s mental and emotional states and stresses. It is thus, important to address, resolve or dissolve those areas of concern in order for deeper healing to occur. To allow for this deeper healing, Lisbeth works one-on-one in a profound way with individuals ready to release old traumas and heal on this deeper level. To support this work, Melissa employs the use of many amazing remedies that have proven to be very beneficial and supportive for those people that may suffer from: Panic, Anxiety, Nervous Tension, Depression, Loss of Control, Low Self-Esteem, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Withdrawal, Exhaustion, Introversion, and more.

Additional Services Offered by Lisbeth Fregonese

Intuitive Energy Support: Working with the chakras to re-balance them, and clear emotional traumas, mental blockages, and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Meditation Circles/ Workshops/ Customized Meditation CDs and more! Luminous Energetic

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